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Beyond consulting

What do we mean by ‘beyond consulting’? It goes without saying that we are extremely good in strategy development and business consultancy. We are highly experienced and able to address extremely complex issues. But we offer even more.

We combine our knowledge with that of our clients to create new insights and to arrive at solutions which have a real impact. They are practical, effective and meaningful for our clients and for all other stakeholders. We never overlook the people who will be affected by change. We offer sustainable solutions which are based on the interests of the entire organization and which enjoy wide support. Together, we ensure that those solutions are implemented effectively, so that you in turn can ‘make a difference’ for your clients or patients.

Creating meaningful impact in healthcare together

The balance between hero and helper

We are both ‘hero’ and ‘helper’. We never opt for a solution merely because it is the most obvious or the easiest way forward. Rather, we boldly seek the best solution. This will often entail ‘thinking outside the box’ to arrive at new concepts and we are not afraid to show vulnerability. We are always on hand to assist our clients and are fully committed to achieving tangible, sustainable results.

Our clients about us

Our average client satisfaction score. We are very proud of this result.

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‘ I feel confident that the Vintura team has guided us in the best way possible. ’

Kareen ForissierEIT Health

‘ Excellent work done. Delivered on expectations ’

Bart van Zijll LanghoutJanssen

We are driven by our values


  • Ambitious

    We strive to find the perfect solution for our clients, which means setting the bar high for ourselves.

  • Brave

    We do not shy away from the difficult questions, constantly challenging ourselves as we pursue the client’s interests.


  • People-oriented

    We listen, and are always mindful of the effects of change for all concerned.

  • Sincere

    We strive for openness and transparency in our approach and in all communications.

We appreciate our people

We appreciate our people

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