Our team

Lisette van Eijck Consultant

Putting the patient or consumer at the centre of the business: that is the essence and aim of the work I do.

Knowledge and experience

I approach my work from the perspective of a healthy individual. For me that means working from a Consumer, Healthcare as well as Life Sciences angle. In my daily job in Consumer Health I focus on innovation strategy, conducting both quantitative and qualitative research to gain insights into the consumer or patient’s environment. I use these insights on different types of projects, such as in Value Based Healthcare, to lead workshops and provide organisations with an understanding of who their consumer or patient really is. In doing so, I help organisations build their innovation strategies in such a way that they align with their consumer’s or patient’s experience. Market research, customer journeys, trends analysis and patient pathways are examples of insights that I bring to the table.

With my background in Commercial & Company Law and Applied Economics I have a wide international focus and I can see things from various angles.

My contribution 

Putting the patient or consumer at the centre of the business: that is the essence and aim of the work I do. Combining analytical capabilities with a highly creative and empathic approach is thereby essential. My natural creativity helps organisations reach out to their consumers or patients through innovation workshops, (digital) co-creation and design thinking. I enjoy challenging the way of thinking of teams in ideation sessions and workshops.

About me

I am incredibly passionate about travelling, both with friends and family: exploring new, preferably remote places and understanding different cultures and taking up new landscapes. Whenever possible, I take my Nikon camera with me on my travels. My most recent trip was Tibet, where I’ve been blessed to watch the sunrise on Mount Everest! At home, I highly enjoy trying out new food recipes or going for brunches and dinners. A large part of my working life I have spent in the UK and I will always consider it my home, as much as the Netherlands is. I go back very regularly to see my friends and come back with my favourite porridge.

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